Decorative Concrete

Decorative Stencil concrete owes its exceptional quality and firmness to the composition of material it is made of.
Wear resistance, additives being an integral part of it, and its glaze, are only part of what made decorative concrete Stencil widely accepted in the world as well as in our country.
The main advantages of the decorative Stencil concrete are its firmness and new techniques and technologies that are applied for this type of concreting. Stencil concrete quality is guaranteed by the Australian company “Parchem” which produces all its components.

All material (special cardboard patterns, paint, varnish …) as well as the necessary tools for concreting comes from Australia and is of very high quality. There is a wide selection of patterns and colours .

All contractors are offered a special computer program which presents customers a simulation of a desired appearance of the walkways, patios, plateaus etc. covered in decorative concrete helping thus the clients to make the decision much easier.

Be the first in the neighborhood with a new Stencil walkway, patio or plateau.

Here you can download our Stencil product catalog (5 MB).



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