Floor ventilation – KAPPAX systems

Innovative systems for the air interspaces creation

MULTIKAPPAX H5: the maximum ventilation in the minimum available space

One advantage with MULTIKAPPAX H5 is that it can be used where you only have a minimum available depth. Installation on site is easy thanks to the coupling system, and it can also be installed on only partially prepared surfaces.

The ultimate expression of this product is as an alternative to floating floors for the distribution of technological plants and systems (electrical lines, waterworks, data connections, etc.) and for ventilated roofs.

The shape and structure is fundamental, not only to support the weight of the screed or pantile, but to provide suitable thermal and acoustic insulation.


In order to obtain an effective ventilation of the foundations, the air space must be connected to the outdoor environment: this is done by installing PVC pipes with a diameter of 80/120 mm in the perimeter foundations every 2.00/3.00 m roughly.

If there are several separate sections of the ventilation spaces, separated for example by stringcourses, these sections must be connected together to guarantee the free circulation of the air.

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