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The company “SRB Construction Technologies DOO” (SRB-CT) was established on February 7th 2011. The company is wholly owned by its parent Australian company SRB System Pty Ltd that is controlled by Mr. Robert Sladojevic and Mr. Steven Girotto whom have developed the SRB Precast and Site Cast Formwork Systems.

Robert Sladojevic has a structural engineering background with over 24 years involvement and experience in the construction industry including successfully operating his own precast, site-cast, formwork and concrete works contracting operations and Construction company involved in construction of domestic / residential, commercial, industrial and government projects including schools and special needs buildings. Robert is the innovator of the SRB technologies and products which comprises in excess of 21 patented technologies.

Steven Girotto has been involved in the Precast Industry for close to 20 years and was responsible for successfully taking a family owned precast operation in Melbourne, Australia, called Girotto Precast and growing it into a National operation with precast Yards in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart that was eventually purchased by Boral Industries in around 2005 and now owned by Austral Group as Austral Precast.

The hands on experience within the industry combined with the technical background has enabled the company founders to develop very novel construction technologies that were developed from the perspective of the industry needs & requirements of the industries operatives. The technologies are developed to address and remedy issues and operational difficulties experienced by the said industries, that Robert and Steven also encountered themselves in their operations, and to make the systems far simpler and easier to use minimising errors, improve product quality and production efficiencies whilst at the same time allow for far greater flexibility to accommodate elements design changes without huge capital equipment costs.

Their solutions approach to the development of the SRB Formwork Technologies has had major success in the Australia where the SRB Precast and Site Cast formwork system have taken more than 70% market share in a very short time which can be directly attributed to their philosophy and approach of developing new products and technologies that provide real and simple cost effective solutions to production issues rather than the constant traditional response from industry equipment suppliers of complex heavy and extremely expensive mechanisation.

The directors of our Australian parent company have found in Europe a very inward looking market in relation to the methods of construction and saw the need and necessity for the European market to expose itself also to external technologies and methods of construction. Accordingly SRB-CT was established as a vehicle for bringing to Europe new & novel construction technologies, methodologies and products.

SRB System Pty Ltd establish the company SRB-CT DOO in Serbia as the base for the operations of distributing the innovative Australian Technologies in Europe. Serbia’s locations and demographics made it an ideal choice for our base as a centralised location between East and West Europe through which we could integrate our new construction technologies into the European Construction Industry

Initially SRB-CT solely concentrated on the introduction and distribution into the European market the very unique and Novel SRB Precast & Tilt-up systems (SRB Spartan and Titan Precast system and Panelware & Tiltform Site Cast Systems) used in the production of precast concrete elements and as such they represent the vanguard in the construction industry of Europe and beyond and remain our flagship products.

Via our parent company in Australia ‘SRB Systems Pty Ltd’ new technologies such as “Stencil Concrete” and associated concrete tools and equipment from Australia are begin introduced into the European market as an alternative to our current Paving (Behaton) and ways in which to undertake our concrete works with substantially beneficial results.

Accordingly SRB-CT engages in the sales of new novel materials, tools equipment and technologies originating from Australia to provide greater diversity and modernisation to our construction methods and processes.

Our long term goal is modernise and improve the European construction industry in particular that of the Eastern European construction industry through the introduction of these new construction methods, products and technologies.

The introduction of Stencil Concrete enables us to produce decorative concrete that is far superior to standard concrete and concrete pavers (behaton) at the same production and installation costs of pavers (behaton). This form of decorative concrete has far more benefits and features over concrete pavers (behaton) that are too many to detail in this overview hence improving our social environment at no additional cost – simply by introducing new more advanced products and procedures.

The introduction of another new technology from Australia, the Zipbolt technology, immensely improves the connections methods and procedures in the joinery and furniture industry drastically improving production quality, speed and efficiency and ability to allow for quick and simple site assembly of products.

The Spartan and Titan magnetic precast formwork systems, our flagship products, are extremely novel precast formwork systems, not just novel products, but actually totally new and novel methods of producing precast elements cost effectively as compared to the current highly and heavily mechanized European Methods that are not very flexible in accommodating design variances and changes and predominantly force the industry to produce very similar type and style of buildings through these precast production methods not begin able to very cost effectively accommodate changes in element designs.

SRB Systems provide a cost effective alternative to these heavy European methods and make it accessible to far more people as the current highly and heavily mechanised European plant systems require huge capital outlay to set-up, hence limiting access to this industry only to people or entities with access to huge capital, whereas the Australian Spartan and Titan Systems do not require huge capital outlay and hence are far more affordable to new start up precast operations and offer a system that is highly flexible in its production design and capacity with high production efficiency is extremely simple to use and very affordable!

Introduction of new and novel site stack casting formwork systems enabling contractors to site stack cast concrete elements on site rather than being produced in factories and carted to site will revolutionise the construction industry in Europe. As Europe to date has been very inward looking such technologies have never been introduced into Europe to our own detriment as such construction methods have been proven in markets like Australia and USA to have the potential to reduce the overall construction costs of a building under construction by around up to 30% over traditional and traditional precast construction methods. The ability to produce more cost efficient buildings would have a major impact on our market, economies and lifestyles for which reason Europe needs to stop looking inwards only for new technologies and ideas but open up to alternate technologies, construction methods and products successfully used in other markets.

We sincerely hope that by making our own efforts, with the support of our Australian Parent Company – SRB Systems Pty Ltd, that we succeed in achieving our objectives and thus create a healthy company that will also implement new and novel technologies in the European construction industry to all our benefits.

SRB Construction Technologies DOO

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